Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Terran Versus Terran/Protoss

1 Barrack FE Strategy by Maker (heavy early marine defense into a great economic lead)

10 supply
12 barrack
15 orbital
15 marine
15refinery (dont put additional scvs into refinery until you start your cc inside your base)
21 Command center expansion(Put 2 more into refinery mining so total of 3)
- Drop another 2 barracks down and non stop pump marines and scv's
- Get a tech lab right after and when you get 100 gas get stim
- (you should still be on 1 gas at this point)
- Get an engineering bay and start getting +1 attack then +1 armor
- start upgrades when engineer is done and throw down a bunker or 2 with a turret if you think there is a chance of dt's
- Only start your second refinery when you decide to get your factory down which should be soon after you - have a decent size marine size of 10-15 and move out to your natural.
- Get stim pack and combat shield ASAP once your tech lab is done and get reactors on your 2 additional barracks that you through down in the beginning
 Attack once your combat shield finishes

Key Points

  • There are different variations of this build, aka getting 2 tech labs and timing both upgrades (stim+combat) at same time, but this build is safer and lets you get more units out.
  • Make a turret if you see tech lab on starport or chance of dt's
  • You want to get marauders as well and add another 2 barracks after your natural is fully saturated but I highly recommend you getting a reactor starport before adding your 4th and 5th barracks
  • This is a very strong build and make sure to make a bunker or 2 if you have ANY suspcicion of early aggression
  • Always look if he has expanded to his natural, if he has, then macro up, if he hasnt, then make units and hold scv production and let your orbital fill up with energy and use mules
  • Abuse dropship harassment and once you see a robotics get vikings asap, non stop production
  • This is a very macro heavy build so make sure to keep up scv production and take your third before 15minutes ingame at the very latest.
  •  For TvT
  • For TvP

Optional: Optional transition to ghosts if you see many sentries and templars and immortals

Weaknesses: Gateway all in zealot cheese, and a very aggressive 4 warpgate rush, high templars