Sunday, December 4, 2011

Terran Versus Terran

1-1-1 Aggressive Terran push with marines/tank/banshee
10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery
15 orbital
@100 gas, make factory
Make second refinery when you start factory
When your third marine is finished, and you have 50 gas, make reactor
Make starport after factory is finished
Add Tech lab on factory
Build siege tank
Add tech lab on starport, make banshee
Banshee should finish approx 7 minutes and you should head out all your units at about 7:00 at the very latest

Head out when your banshee is finished and queue up another banshee(subjected to change on reaction depending if u need a medivac/or viking

Key Notes
  • Scout early in case of any proxy barracks
  • If he has a starport making a viking, immediately transition into vikings and use your marines to target down the viking in a fight
  • You can choose to expand or continue rallying units towards his base on the first push
  • You can either have a big lump of units including your banshee, or you could have your banshee attack the mineral line drawing his units back and using your marines and tanks to attack from front for a double pronged attack
  • You should scan during the time where you banshee is halfway done, if you see that he is getting cloak (bubbling tech lab on starport) then you should immediately get an engineering bay
  • Be careful of reaper harass and search, so spread your marines

Transition: Into siege tank and dropship and elevator drop his side and hold your ground with a couple of vikings

Strengths: Once the opponent messes up and splitting their army apart, its pretty much gg because the power of marines and tanks is a force to be reckoned with and needs a whole army to defend let alone the banshee harassment. This is a timing attack so if your opponent screws up at any moment, they are dead meat. It is a large composition of units so it cant just be stopped by a marauder ball or just a heavy siege tank defense, the opponent needs specific units to stop this build.

Weaknesses: Early proxy barracks and early marauder heavy bio ball. Preemptive vikings and early siege mode

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Terran Versus Terran/Protoss

1 Barrack FE Strategy by Maker (heavy early marine defense into a great economic lead)

10 supply
12 barrack
15 orbital
15 marine
15refinery (dont put additional scvs into refinery until you start your cc inside your base)
21 Command center expansion(Put 2 more into refinery mining so total of 3)
- Drop another 2 barracks down and non stop pump marines and scv's
- Get a tech lab right after and when you get 100 gas get stim
- (you should still be on 1 gas at this point)
- Get an engineering bay and start getting +1 attack then +1 armor
- start upgrades when engineer is done and throw down a bunker or 2 with a turret if you think there is a chance of dt's
- Only start your second refinery when you decide to get your factory down which should be soon after you - have a decent size marine size of 10-15 and move out to your natural.
- Get stim pack and combat shield ASAP once your tech lab is done and get reactors on your 2 additional barracks that you through down in the beginning
 Attack once your combat shield finishes

Key Points

  • There are different variations of this build, aka getting 2 tech labs and timing both upgrades (stim+combat) at same time, but this build is safer and lets you get more units out.
  • Make a turret if you see tech lab on starport or chance of dt's
  • You want to get marauders as well and add another 2 barracks after your natural is fully saturated but I highly recommend you getting a reactor starport before adding your 4th and 5th barracks
  • This is a very strong build and make sure to make a bunker or 2 if you have ANY suspcicion of early aggression
  • Always look if he has expanded to his natural, if he has, then macro up, if he hasnt, then make units and hold scv production and let your orbital fill up with energy and use mules
  • Abuse dropship harassment and once you see a robotics get vikings asap, non stop production
  • This is a very macro heavy build so make sure to keep up scv production and take your third before 15minutes ingame at the very latest.
  •  For TvT
  • For TvP

Optional: Optional transition to ghosts if you see many sentries and templars and immortals

Weaknesses: Gateway all in zealot cheese, and a very aggressive 4 warpgate rush, high templars

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Friday, September 16, 2011

New website waiting to be launched

Brand new Terran tips website is waiting to be launched. As well as expanding to Zerg and Protoss websites as well. Will be updating new master/gm level build orders and strategies very often. Keep in touch as I will be posting more details about the website. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Terran Vs Protoss

Marine + Ghost bio push
10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery
15 orbital
16 supply
20 barrack
21 tech lab
21 ghost acadamy
21 scouting reaper
22 second refinery
22 bunker
-reactor when second barracks is done
-pump out 1 ghosts whenever you have the gas
and marines whenever you dont
-when you have enough, throw down a factory
-then second ghost with next 100 gas
then a reactored starport and only have 2 ghosts max building up energy for emp
38 stim followed by combat followed by +1 marine attack upgrade
-Attack when you have stim/combat and +1 upgrades with 3 medivacs up
emp the immortals,zealots,sentries,stalkers,sentries in that order

Becareful of dt's, use that scouting reaper effectively

Transition to to thors tanking for your ball is 1 idea
or completely changing to mech and switching tech labs with factories into seige tanks and thors

Key points to this strategy

  • If he traps you in your base, do a 1 medivac drop full of marines
  • Emp is everything in this build
  • Kite!
  • Get your emp's off early
  • You want to get the zealots off your tail first
  • This could be a 1 base or a 2 base build and branch off into more teched units if you decide to get a second
  • 1 cycle of warp gates is not enough to kill your full medivac, so use that to your advantage
  • The average time for collosi to come out is approximately 10:30 give or take, so its an ideal time to hit before then
Why is this strategy good?
You have the advantage of home base, so if his attack is too strong, you are able to pull scv's while he cant utilize his sentries to the fullest while you have the upper ground if the protoss decides to attack. Marine balls + emp and medivacs rape any gateway unit and immortals.

Weaknesses: Templar storms, and Collosus. You must emp the templars and mass vikings the collosi, or your marine army is worthless.  They will be a nightmare if you dont get rid of them before the marine battle and confrontation. At no cost if they have those 2 units, you should ever engage your units.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Terran Vs Terran (effective now due to high demand in blue flame helion play)

Reaper harass to bio ball
10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery
-build 1 marine, then tech lab
15 orbital
15 barrack, then build reaper/scv
17 supply
tech lab, scv
- drop a second refinery when your 3rd reaper is done
-keep pumping out reapers and scv nonstop until you get 3-4 reapers
grab xel naga towers and make sure they dont see your reapers come from the back and harass scv line
- after your 3-4th reaper, nonstop build marauders and scvs and dont get supply blocked
- research concussive right when you get your first marauder out
- and research stim fairly early as well
- drop down a third barracks when you have a good amount of money supply to keep pumping out marauders and add a reactor
- drop a engineering bay and start upgrading when you have a good amount of mineral reserve and nonstop pump
- build a turret if you see if your opponent has a starport

Key points to this strategy 
  • Make sure not to supply block yourself
  • non stop pumping marines and marauders after your 3-4 reapers
  • if your money is getting out of control, throw down a command center and expand( but it shouldnt if you continuously make marauders marines upgrades and scvs
  • be sure to own the xel naga towers
  • if you can get a plentiful amount of scvs in your reaper harass, then the game is most likely yours
  • if your opponent gets banshees, get some turrets and COMBAT SHIELD with stim
  • make sure to stim move and attack move and attack
  • this strategy is a very MOBILE and HEAVY VISION control strategy and very very effective. if your attack fails, dont fret and try again
  • If your attack fails like my attack did in the replay at the bottom, get dropships and drop on their tanks (very good exmaple in my replay)
  • Marauders are really effective against tanks and you should always stim and focus them down first
  • then shoot and run marines, this will you will take minimal damage.
  • ^ that is a very good example of if your attack fails
  • while this replay is how it should look like following through your reaper and finish with just marauders:

Transition(optional) after you have your 4 reapers out and a couple of marauders, expand and use your reapers to keep his units inside his base (Very effective)

Why this strategy is good?
Because of the mobility of marauders. You have control of the whole map and able to attack whenever. This strategy is good against helion builds and tank builds and mediocre against banshee builds but the combat shield you will put up a good fight against banshees and you could always pump out vikings from your starport. Even if your attack fails, this is not an all in and one of my favorite strategies. Marauders are REALLY effective against tanks can out micro marines. Good luck! watch the replay ive attatched

Weaknesses: The helion to banshee build because of the so little anti air in the beginning and the MarineKingPrime Marine build is pretty rough against this strategy

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Terran Versus Zerg

Teched Marine + tanks
10 supply
12 barrack
14 barrack
15 orbital
18 refinery
marines once barracks are done
21 2nd refinery
24 supply
25 barrack
28 barrack
keep pumping marines and scvs without supply block
35 2 tech labs
stim and combat when done
Move out at 8 minutes, that should be when your combat and stim are finished
Also expand when u move out at 8 minutes
67 factory
then another factory when you have enough money 
and 5 more barracks with no addons
2 engineering bays for upgrades
get 2 tech labs for factory pump out seige
build bunkers incase of baneling bust and spread out and micro marines not in a bunch
attack when you have an abundance of tanks and couple of reactor start port dropships (just 1 reactor starport)
take a third and make it a planetary

keep pumping out marines and scvs

Key notes to this strategy
  • Abuse your marines, dropping on expansions and not letting him expand
  • Do not bundle your marines for banelings always micro them
  • run behind tanks when he rushes you
  • Dont get caught without seige mode
  • move out slowly and keep double pronging dropship marines
  • Abuse your mobility
  • focus banelings with your seige tanks
  • Watch this replay, its very important **
  • build 2-4 bunkers for protection and be warry for mutas
  • Replay :
Why is this strategy good?
Because the power of a marine ball and the stim speed over the banelings while moving and attacking(kiting)
with the correct micro, this strategy is unstoppable if timed correctly. Good luck guys and remember to upgrade

Weaknesses: Burrowed banelings and if the creep is tumors have taken the majority of the map. Infestors are a big problem and so are broodlords at certain positions. So you must grab key point areas to move out and set up camp

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Terran versus protoss

1 Barrack (marauder opener) FE Strategy by Thorzain TSL3
10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery with only 1 scv mining
15 orbital
15 marine
16 supply
16 tech lab
18 marauder
21 Command center expansion(Put 2 more into refinery mining so total of 3)
21 marauder(no more marauders until you get stim)
22 marine
23 second barrack
24 supply
27 stim
29 engineer
32 second orbital
- start upgrades when engineer is done and throw down a bunker or 2 with a turret if you think there is a chance of dt's
- at around 40 supply start marauders production again
50 third barrack
54 factory
54 drop down 3 more refineries and saturate them
67 startport
and reactor when its done on that starport
Key Points
  • 54 drop down 3 more refineries and saturate them
  • Make only 2 marauders in the beginning and the rest marines until 40 supply and start making marauders again
  • Throw down bunkers if you think there is a possibility of a 4 gateway rush and put supplies in front of the barrack for more support
  • Attack and harass when you have 2-3 dropships and you want to try and take your third while applying pressure
  • Since your only pumping out marines after your second marauder is out, your marine count will be very susceptible to void rays as well. 
  • If there are collosi on the field, you may want to throw down another starport with a reactor
  • Great video of how a good terran player totally annihilate a very good protoss player (ogs.MC)
  • You want your vikings to engage and kill the collosi, while you kite your units back not letting the collosi hit your bio ball

Optional: Optional transition to ghosts if you see many sentries and templars and immortals

Weaknesses: Gateway all in zealot cheese, and a very aggressive 4 warpgate rush, high templars

Neat Fact: Siege Tanks by default attack their closest available target. Abuse this to anticipate and spread your units accordingly - or hug your enemy so they also take damage from the splash.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Terran Versus Zerg

1 Barrack Fast Expand(FE) into macro marine tank build

10 supply
12 barrack
15 orbital
17 command center
17 supply
18 refiner
18 2nd refinery
19 2nd barrack
21 3rd barrack
21 tech lab
21 factory
23 second orbital
27 stim
(non stop marine/scv production without supply block at this point)
28 starport
28 factory reactor to switch with starport
(optional pump out 2 vikings going different directions to snipe overlord(recommended)
^also used for scouting
- At this point, it should be close to 9-10 minute ingame time and if you see that your opponent has nothing, initiate drops or take a third with turrets and planetary

Key notes to this strategy
  • Barricade yourself in with barracks's incase of baneling bust
  • Get stim and combat shield asap with that 1 tech lab
  • build multiple turrets with the range upgrade in your engineering bay
  • Try to apply constant pressure with marine drops
  • Remember to get upgrades
  • Spread your tanks and marines out
  • Get a plentiful amount of dropships
  • 2-3 thors are optional
  • If your applying dropship pressure, then it should be safe to push out
  • Always know where the enemy is and dont clump up your whole army into 1 big ball
  • Spread them out****
  • If the creep spread get too out of control, scan and kill the tumors
  • Try not to fight on creep
  • 1-2 factories is all you really need
  • Try to snipe the greater spire/spire if you see one
Why this strategy good?
Early economic advantage and the security of barracks wall allow you to tech to tanks, medivacs, stim, combat shield, and upgrades. Allowing you to harass behind your wall with marine drops and snipe overlords with vikings not having to worry about anti air and not having to worry about broodlords

Weaknesses: All in rushes and not knowing how to place your units properly. Not having the right vision or knowing where the enemy army is.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

oGs SuperNova TvP Build

oGsSuperNova's Build against Protoss (openers into late game)

10 Supply Depot
12 Barracks
13 Refinery
15 Orbital Command
*After first marine, construct a tech lab on the barracks
*Build a marauder and concussive shells
*After the second marauder, start your command center(start expansion at about 4:45)

*take off your barrack and start building a factory on the tech lab
 *Build second refinery and second barracks as fast as possible, in that order

Continue marine/scv production 
*Start a siege tank and siege mode asap and get 2 siege tanks out first before starport
*When 150 gas is reached build a starport, add a techlab, and begin banshee/raven production

Key: *=When Money Allows

Add barracks only as needed to stay alive or to abuse timings. You want to be expanding with minerals not used to stay alive.

Key Points

  • Pressure your opponent while you expand
    • You should be able to expand as soon as your orbital is done, however, if you feel pressured, wait until you have adequate forces. 
    • Your first poke should come when concussive shells finishes, just send your army around the outside of your base and make sure no proxy pylons go down.
    • The next one should come as your 4th tank pops out. The reasoning behind this is your banshee will join the battle soon and you can now one shot stalkers.
    • Any other timing pushes are on your own discretion, possibilities are with pdd, stim and combat shields, upgrades, 200/200, catching him expanding, etc.
  • When pushing, make sure you do not get caught unsieged. Make sure marines are in front of tanks to act as a buffer, and all spell casting units are doing what they are supposed to. This part is crucial, you cannot allow your tanks to target onto zealots, you need to place them onto stalkers, sentries, collosus, and then immortals. The reason for this is that your bio will get splashed.

    • Target firing stalkers with tanks should be priority, that way, even if you mismicro, your banshees can buy you time sniping collusus or leftover units.
    • If you scout a more zealot heavy composition, you want more marines, if you scout more stalker heavy or hightemplar/collusus, you want more marauders.
  • Replay of oGs SuperNova:
Strengths: This build is a safe build yet taking an early FE. Having tanks at your side, your opponent will be less likely to attack you which gives you the advantage of when to attack and harass. Its also rare to see tanks in a TvP so your opponent would not know the matchup quite yet.

Weaknesses: This build can survive almost anything with proper scouting and response. Make sure your initial poke is back inside your base by 6 minutes, as that is warp gate timing. Scout him and check for gas, if you only see 1 gas during core production, put up a bunker. If you are weary of a 4 gate, do not hesitate and put up two bunkers.

A weakness of this build is something like chargelot immortal. The best thing you can do is put up another factory and start hellion production, add ghosts to kill immortals, and target tanks onto anything that can shoot up to allow your banshees/raven to clean up.

Another weakness is void ray openers, scout heavily, if you see zealot heavy compositions, see a stargate, or anything that you think points to stargate play, drop an ebay and get a few turrets, and go marine heavy. If you see late game air, start a recactored starport along with your techlab starport and make vikings.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Quick Breakdown of how you can go about tackling Zerg players TvZ

There are plenty of build orders for TvZ that are bio-oriented and are strong.

If your going Bio

1. The 1 rax FE - In this build, you get out your barracks, then immediately get an expansion up, while getting bunkers for defense. This usually doesn't have a gas until after the expansion, but there are plenty of variables. I won't go into too much detail on this BO, as it is fairly straight-forward. This can also be a transition into tech, though it may take some adjustments.

2. The 2 rax FE - This is a build that is semi-aggressive, but still allows for a fast expand. In this build, you go -
10 depot
12 rax
14 rax
15 orbital
16 depot
22 expansion
25 depot
26 2 gas

From here you can transition fairly well into a more tech-based build, or continue going bio. When you lay down your expansion, you should have 5 marines. Push out with them, but don't rally your barracks to them. Put on slight pressure while securing your expansion. This keeps them from droning too hard.

3. The 3 rax - This is a rush oriented build. Usually you just get one gas, and then have 3 barracks - 1 with tech lab, 2 with reactors. Pump out mostly marines, while getting either stim or combat shields. This is great to put on pressure to force less drones, and to secure a safe expansion.

Key notes

If you are going bio, you HAVE to be aggressive. If you aren't aggressive with both drops and frontal assaults, you WILL get screwed. It is best to get 2 engineering bays to get lots of upgrades, and get mostly marines in your mix. Keep your maines behind the marauders, and be careful when there are Infestors and Banelings. Bio can require a lot of micro, so it requires a fast hand to use.

This build isn't very map dependant, but you will want to lay down bunkers if it is close position and you are going FE. You can basically judge how many barracks with what add-ons based on your income and their army composition.

If your going Mech
The build order for mech is fairly straight-forward. There are a few more build orders than this that transition to mech-style, but this is the only one I have tested out at the moment.
10 depot
12 rax
13 gas
15 orbital
16 depot
when you are at 100 gas make a factory
add on 2nd gas
make a tech lab with the factory
start researching blue flame, and make a helion ASAP
make a starport
get a medivac, along with 1 more helion
get 1 more helion
This is a fairly reactionary build. Make marines until you have about 10. If you are feeling very under pressure, make more marines and a bunker or 2, but remember, the more marines you make the later your expansion timing.

Key Notes
With mech, you are going to want a composition of Thors, Tanks, Helions, and Vikings (with a few medivacs just for drops)
This build has so much potential for harrassment. You can use the vikings to kill overlords, you can use medivacs to drop anything you please, and you can scoot around the sides of the map and have map control with helions.

You can support 3 factories - 2 with tech lab and 1 with reactor, and 1 starport with reactor on 2 bases. On 3 bases it depends on how many upgrades you are getting and etc, but usually 4-5 factories with the starport.

This build is not very map dependent, but you don't want to be doing this on close positions, because the helion drop would either be seen or very delayed, and your expansion will be really exposed when you lay it down.

There are many special circumstances of this build, such as getting your gas stolen. If you can't get your second gas out in time, don't panic! You can switch up your build instantly depending on your oponent's position!
If they are close position, or if they are being greedy or what have you, you can transition into the 3 rax build and then secure an expansion and go for a bio mid-late game.
Or, if they are too far away, and you feel like a 3 rax could be too risky, you can go into a 1 rax FE with a gas. This will allow you to get a nice amount of econ while teching into mech (or bio if you really want!)

Neat Fact:You can select your medievacs and click (M)ove + a chosen unit and then they will follow your units and heal them from time to time when they are moving, and more importantly - while you are kiting/stuttershooting your opponent.