Sunday, May 8, 2011

oGs SuperNova TvP Build

oGsSuperNova's Build against Protoss (openers into late game)

10 Supply Depot
12 Barracks
13 Refinery
15 Orbital Command
*After first marine, construct a tech lab on the barracks
*Build a marauder and concussive shells
*After the second marauder, start your command center(start expansion at about 4:45)

*take off your barrack and start building a factory on the tech lab
 *Build second refinery and second barracks as fast as possible, in that order

Continue marine/scv production 
*Start a siege tank and siege mode asap and get 2 siege tanks out first before starport
*When 150 gas is reached build a starport, add a techlab, and begin banshee/raven production

Key: *=When Money Allows

Add barracks only as needed to stay alive or to abuse timings. You want to be expanding with minerals not used to stay alive.

Key Points

  • Pressure your opponent while you expand
    • You should be able to expand as soon as your orbital is done, however, if you feel pressured, wait until you have adequate forces. 
    • Your first poke should come when concussive shells finishes, just send your army around the outside of your base and make sure no proxy pylons go down.
    • The next one should come as your 4th tank pops out. The reasoning behind this is your banshee will join the battle soon and you can now one shot stalkers.
    • Any other timing pushes are on your own discretion, possibilities are with pdd, stim and combat shields, upgrades, 200/200, catching him expanding, etc.
  • When pushing, make sure you do not get caught unsieged. Make sure marines are in front of tanks to act as a buffer, and all spell casting units are doing what they are supposed to. This part is crucial, you cannot allow your tanks to target onto zealots, you need to place them onto stalkers, sentries, collosus, and then immortals. The reason for this is that your bio will get splashed.

    • Target firing stalkers with tanks should be priority, that way, even if you mismicro, your banshees can buy you time sniping collusus or leftover units.
    • If you scout a more zealot heavy composition, you want more marines, if you scout more stalker heavy or hightemplar/collusus, you want more marauders.
  • Replay of oGs SuperNova:
Strengths: This build is a safe build yet taking an early FE. Having tanks at your side, your opponent will be less likely to attack you which gives you the advantage of when to attack and harass. Its also rare to see tanks in a TvP so your opponent would not know the matchup quite yet.

Weaknesses: This build can survive almost anything with proper scouting and response. Make sure your initial poke is back inside your base by 6 minutes, as that is warp gate timing. Scout him and check for gas, if you only see 1 gas during core production, put up a bunker. If you are weary of a 4 gate, do not hesitate and put up two bunkers.

A weakness of this build is something like chargelot immortal. The best thing you can do is put up another factory and start hellion production, add ghosts to kill immortals, and target tanks onto anything that can shoot up to allow your banshees/raven to clean up.

Another weakness is void ray openers, scout heavily, if you see zealot heavy compositions, see a stargate, or anything that you think points to stargate play, drop an ebay and get a few turrets, and go marine heavy. If you see late game air, start a recactored starport along with your techlab starport and make vikings.

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