Sunday, December 4, 2011

Terran Versus Terran

1-1-1 Aggressive Terran push with marines/tank/banshee
10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery
15 orbital
@100 gas, make factory
Make second refinery when you start factory
When your third marine is finished, and you have 50 gas, make reactor
Make starport after factory is finished
Add Tech lab on factory
Build siege tank
Add tech lab on starport, make banshee
Banshee should finish approx 7 minutes and you should head out all your units at about 7:00 at the very latest

Head out when your banshee is finished and queue up another banshee(subjected to change on reaction depending if u need a medivac/or viking

Key Notes
  • Scout early in case of any proxy barracks
  • If he has a starport making a viking, immediately transition into vikings and use your marines to target down the viking in a fight
  • You can choose to expand or continue rallying units towards his base on the first push
  • You can either have a big lump of units including your banshee, or you could have your banshee attack the mineral line drawing his units back and using your marines and tanks to attack from front for a double pronged attack
  • You should scan during the time where you banshee is halfway done, if you see that he is getting cloak (bubbling tech lab on starport) then you should immediately get an engineering bay
  • Be careful of reaper harass and search, so spread your marines

Transition: Into siege tank and dropship and elevator drop his side and hold your ground with a couple of vikings

Strengths: Once the opponent messes up and splitting their army apart, its pretty much gg because the power of marines and tanks is a force to be reckoned with and needs a whole army to defend let alone the banshee harassment. This is a timing attack so if your opponent screws up at any moment, they are dead meat. It is a large composition of units so it cant just be stopped by a marauder ball or just a heavy siege tank defense, the opponent needs specific units to stop this build.

Weaknesses: Early proxy barracks and early marauder heavy bio ball. Preemptive vikings and early siege mode