Friday, January 13, 2012

Not all about the micro

When you are doing an attack and you are not intensively microing, take a second to look at your minerals, supply, double check you are making scvs before you go into the battle. It may be common sense for most people, but when you are actually in the game you will forget. Even I have troubles sometimes with that at high masters. After a intense battle my mineral count can be as high as 800. But you really want to keep that low with constant reproducing of units, scvs, throwing down buildings and not getting supply blocked.


Just be sure to macro up right before you engage a fight and double check you are not supply blocked and your minerals are low with scvs building and units producing. Continue building units and supplies during the fight and catch up in macro after the fight.

Just constantly be reminded to use up your cash and not get supply blocked

Good luck guys!

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