Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Quick Breakdown of how you can go about tackling Zerg players TvZ

There are plenty of build orders for TvZ that are bio-oriented and are strong.

If your going Bio

1. The 1 rax FE - In this build, you get out your barracks, then immediately get an expansion up, while getting bunkers for defense. This usually doesn't have a gas until after the expansion, but there are plenty of variables. I won't go into too much detail on this BO, as it is fairly straight-forward. This can also be a transition into tech, though it may take some adjustments.

2. The 2 rax FE - This is a build that is semi-aggressive, but still allows for a fast expand. In this build, you go -
10 depot
12 rax
14 rax
15 orbital
16 depot
22 expansion
25 depot
26 2 gas

From here you can transition fairly well into a more tech-based build, or continue going bio. When you lay down your expansion, you should have 5 marines. Push out with them, but don't rally your barracks to them. Put on slight pressure while securing your expansion. This keeps them from droning too hard.

3. The 3 rax - This is a rush oriented build. Usually you just get one gas, and then have 3 barracks - 1 with tech lab, 2 with reactors. Pump out mostly marines, while getting either stim or combat shields. This is great to put on pressure to force less drones, and to secure a safe expansion.

Key notes

If you are going bio, you HAVE to be aggressive. If you aren't aggressive with both drops and frontal assaults, you WILL get screwed. It is best to get 2 engineering bays to get lots of upgrades, and get mostly marines in your mix. Keep your maines behind the marauders, and be careful when there are Infestors and Banelings. Bio can require a lot of micro, so it requires a fast hand to use.

This build isn't very map dependant, but you will want to lay down bunkers if it is close position and you are going FE. You can basically judge how many barracks with what add-ons based on your income and their army composition.

If your going Mech
The build order for mech is fairly straight-forward. There are a few more build orders than this that transition to mech-style, but this is the only one I have tested out at the moment.
10 depot
12 rax
13 gas
15 orbital
16 depot
when you are at 100 gas make a factory
add on 2nd gas
make a tech lab with the factory
start researching blue flame, and make a helion ASAP
make a starport
get a medivac, along with 1 more helion
get 1 more helion
This is a fairly reactionary build. Make marines until you have about 10. If you are feeling very under pressure, make more marines and a bunker or 2, but remember, the more marines you make the later your expansion timing.

Key Notes
With mech, you are going to want a composition of Thors, Tanks, Helions, and Vikings (with a few medivacs just for drops)
This build has so much potential for harrassment. You can use the vikings to kill overlords, you can use medivacs to drop anything you please, and you can scoot around the sides of the map and have map control with helions.

You can support 3 factories - 2 with tech lab and 1 with reactor, and 1 starport with reactor on 2 bases. On 3 bases it depends on how many upgrades you are getting and etc, but usually 4-5 factories with the starport.

This build is not very map dependent, but you don't want to be doing this on close positions, because the helion drop would either be seen or very delayed, and your expansion will be really exposed when you lay it down.

There are many special circumstances of this build, such as getting your gas stolen. If you can't get your second gas out in time, don't panic! You can switch up your build instantly depending on your oponent's position!
If they are close position, or if they are being greedy or what have you, you can transition into the 3 rax build and then secure an expansion and go for a bio mid-late game.
Or, if they are too far away, and you feel like a 3 rax could be too risky, you can go into a 1 rax FE with a gas. This will allow you to get a nice amount of econ while teching into mech (or bio if you really want!)

Neat Fact:You can select your medievacs and click (M)ove + a chosen unit and then they will follow your units and heal them from time to time when they are moving, and more importantly - while you are kiting/stuttershooting your opponent.

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