Monday, July 4, 2011

Terran Versus Zerg

1 Barrack Fast Expand(FE) into macro marine tank build

10 supply
12 barrack
15 orbital
17 command center
17 supply
18 refiner
18 2nd refinery
19 2nd barrack
21 3rd barrack
21 tech lab
21 factory
23 second orbital
27 stim
(non stop marine/scv production without supply block at this point)
28 starport
28 factory reactor to switch with starport
(optional pump out 2 vikings going different directions to snipe overlord(recommended)
^also used for scouting
- At this point, it should be close to 9-10 minute ingame time and if you see that your opponent has nothing, initiate drops or take a third with turrets and planetary

Key notes to this strategy
  • Barricade yourself in with barracks's incase of baneling bust
  • Get stim and combat shield asap with that 1 tech lab
  • build multiple turrets with the range upgrade in your engineering bay
  • Try to apply constant pressure with marine drops
  • Remember to get upgrades
  • Spread your tanks and marines out
  • Get a plentiful amount of dropships
  • 2-3 thors are optional
  • If your applying dropship pressure, then it should be safe to push out
  • Always know where the enemy is and dont clump up your whole army into 1 big ball
  • Spread them out****
  • If the creep spread get too out of control, scan and kill the tumors
  • Try not to fight on creep
  • 1-2 factories is all you really need
  • Try to snipe the greater spire/spire if you see one
Why this strategy good?
Early economic advantage and the security of barracks wall allow you to tech to tanks, medivacs, stim, combat shield, and upgrades. Allowing you to harass behind your wall with marine drops and snipe overlords with vikings not having to worry about anti air and not having to worry about broodlords

Weaknesses: All in rushes and not knowing how to place your units properly. Not having the right vision or knowing where the enemy army is.

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