Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Terran versus protoss

1 Barrack (marauder opener) FE Strategy by Thorzain TSL3
10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery with only 1 scv mining
15 orbital
15 marine
16 supply
16 tech lab
18 marauder
21 Command center expansion(Put 2 more into refinery mining so total of 3)
21 marauder(no more marauders until you get stim)
22 marine
23 second barrack
24 supply
27 stim
29 engineer
32 second orbital
- start upgrades when engineer is done and throw down a bunker or 2 with a turret if you think there is a chance of dt's
- at around 40 supply start marauders production again
50 third barrack
54 factory
54 drop down 3 more refineries and saturate them
67 startport
and reactor when its done on that starport
Key Points
  • 54 drop down 3 more refineries and saturate them
  • Make only 2 marauders in the beginning and the rest marines until 40 supply and start making marauders again
  • Throw down bunkers if you think there is a possibility of a 4 gateway rush and put supplies in front of the barrack for more support
  • Attack and harass when you have 2-3 dropships and you want to try and take your third while applying pressure
  • Since your only pumping out marines after your second marauder is out, your marine count will be very susceptible to void rays as well. 
  • If there are collosi on the field, you may want to throw down another starport with a reactor
  • Great video of how a good terran player totally annihilate a very good protoss player (ogs.MC)
  • You want your vikings to engage and kill the collosi, while you kite your units back not letting the collosi hit your bio ball

Optional: Optional transition to ghosts if you see many sentries and templars and immortals

Weaknesses: Gateway all in zealot cheese, and a very aggressive 4 warpgate rush, high templars

Neat Fact: Siege Tanks by default attack their closest available target. Abuse this to anticipate and spread your units accordingly - or hug your enemy so they also take damage from the splash.

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