Thursday, May 19, 2011

Terran Versus Terran/Protoss


  1. (Silver league player here)
    I find a 1rax FE to be a bit too scary vs any initial aggression and prefer 2rax FE since the CC isn't much later. Idra said recently that he was surprised that more Terrans don't go 2rax to start with, partly because it's so hard to scout - you see the 2rax but don't know if it's an FE build, or there is marine aggression coming.
    I suppose at your level you would probably scout better and not be caught offguard by early aggression. Still - interesting post, thanks!

  2. yea, 1 rax fe is definitely risky due to the fact that you are not getting gas. but your opponent is gonna think a cheese is coming and might d up as well

  3. in Silver league, the opponent won't know what a gasless opening means, they probably won't even scout.

    A lot of the players just blindly make units and attack when they feel like it.