Sunday, August 7, 2011

Terran Versus Zerg

Teched Marine + tanks
10 supply
12 barrack
14 barrack
15 orbital
18 refinery
marines once barracks are done
21 2nd refinery
24 supply
25 barrack
28 barrack
keep pumping marines and scvs without supply block
35 2 tech labs
stim and combat when done
Move out at 8 minutes, that should be when your combat and stim are finished
Also expand when u move out at 8 minutes
67 factory
then another factory when you have enough money 
and 5 more barracks with no addons
2 engineering bays for upgrades
get 2 tech labs for factory pump out seige
build bunkers incase of baneling bust and spread out and micro marines not in a bunch
attack when you have an abundance of tanks and couple of reactor start port dropships (just 1 reactor starport)
take a third and make it a planetary

keep pumping out marines and scvs

Key notes to this strategy
  • Abuse your marines, dropping on expansions and not letting him expand
  • Do not bundle your marines for banelings always micro them
  • run behind tanks when he rushes you
  • Dont get caught without seige mode
  • move out slowly and keep double pronging dropship marines
  • Abuse your mobility
  • focus banelings with your seige tanks
  • Watch this replay, its very important **
  • build 2-4 bunkers for protection and be warry for mutas
  • Replay :
Why is this strategy good?
Because the power of a marine ball and the stim speed over the banelings while moving and attacking(kiting)
with the correct micro, this strategy is unstoppable if timed correctly. Good luck guys and remember to upgrade

Weaknesses: Burrowed banelings and if the creep is tumors have taken the majority of the map. Infestors are a big problem and so are broodlords at certain positions. So you must grab key point areas to move out and set up camp

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