Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hard counter to spanishiwa's no gas strategy that most zergs are trying on ladder

Due to the popular spanishiwa strat, if you can scout it earlier enough I recommend the 4 Barrack all-in yet, I have yet to lose with this strat and here is the replay of the strategy. Because the zerg player is getting no gas, your marines will dominate anything of the zerg with the correct micro. The power of a marine ball not having to worry about banelings is just unsettling. Zerglings/Drones/Spinecrawlers/Queens are the only things you have to worry about and having 4 barracks constantly pumping out marines into a marine ball will be totally one sided. This strat also works against zergs that dont use spanishiwa, the only hard counter to this strategy is all in fast roaches and all in fast banelings, but you can still out micro and beat those strategies with this one.

This replay is against a Grandmaster, and it works beautifully

These are other replays of me 4 barracking at high masters punishing people using the Spanishiwa strategy
If you can scout out the no extractor it means hes doing the spanishiwa strategy and you can stay in your base longer and get more marines
latest should be 6:00 ingame time tho


4 barrack push all-in cheese **very tricky, do not attempt if you dont havnt read EVERYTHING**
10 supply
12 barrack
13 barrack
14 orbital
15 barack
- cut scv unless you're certain you wont delay marine production
16 barrack
16 supply

keep pumping out marines ( and some scvs) until 5:30 and push out with marines and 12 scvs

Key notes to this strategy
  • Try to keep opponent from knowing you have 4 barracks's
  • Grab watch towers with 4-5 marines and hide your other marines
  • Have your scvs protect your marine at all costs when attacking
  • If you have a chance, stick to a wall
  • AGAIN!! have your scv's protect your marines at all costs
  • attack and move (kite)
  • dont go for the expansion unless there is a spine crawler in your path, then kill that and move into main base
  • Quickly look for a banelings nest, if there is BE VERY CAREFUL spread your marines and everything
  • If not watch out for drones and marines and queen surround and dont let him get the surround
  • rally point your barracks's to his base
  • When you want to rally your new units to your old units the old unit has a habit of dying, leaving your new units at the production-facility. You can shift-click the rallypoint to make them have a backup-rallypoint
  • This strategy still works in high masters if you do it properly
  • ****Grab your 10 scv's and marines and move out at 5:30, you should have approx 31 supply count
  • This is the only strategy you need against zerg to get to masters, I had a 90% win rate with this strategy even in masters. This is a replay on how to do it properly, its a little sloppy but it got the job done (there isnt any kind of micro, but it shows how strong this composition is)
  • If he is in your base with a drone for too long, throw up a refinery and take your scv off from building it when it gets too close to finish and cancel it once the drone is out of your base, fooling him into thinking you are teching so he is teching
Why is this strategy good?
Because the power of a marine ball with scv's tanking is unbelievably strong and there it is nearly impossible to stop this timing attack with the right micro!

Weaknesses: If zerg straight up rushes roaches (you can stop it if you see it and turtle into marauders and helions), and if zerg rushes banelings, then it will give this strategy a hard time

Neat Fact: An easy way to check if you have enough workers at a base is to select all workers on minerals. If you see 2 rows (16) that is optimal saturation, 3 rows (24) is maximum saturation

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