Monday, April 25, 2011

Terran Versus Protoss

+2 armor Thor Build by Thorzain

10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery
15 orbital
15 marine
16 supply
17 marine
18 factory
19 second refinery
20 marine
22 tech lab on barrack
22 bunker
22 marine
23 supply
- Swap the tech lab on barrack with factory
24 siege tank
28 marine
32 supply
32 marine
33 Command center
36 starport
37 helion
38 marine
39 supply
41 armory
- switch factory tech lab with starport
42 raven
43 tech lab
45 2nd orbital
46 marine
47 thor
53 banshee
58 Ground plate upgrade for thor
- After you land your expansion, build 2 refineries right away and build 3 bunekrs
104 Ground plate upgrade #2 and get blue flame upgrade
117 Third CC
126 35mm strike cannon
- you want 3 factories with 2 tech labs, 1 reactor, and 1 starports with reactors

and reactor when its done on that starport

General Idea of this build
The sturdiness and the power of the +2 armored thor and the ability to use the 35mm cannon at such a large range is hard to stop. Especially if you have a raven denying scouting observers. Having such a large surface area so zealots cannot get the surround and blue flame helions doing double the damage to zealots, its a pretty mean ball of destruction. This build is unique and unseen and the only counter i can think is an abundance of immortals or/and carriers.

Why the +2 armor Upgrades on thors? Thorzain explained:

"It's mostly to be able to fight heavy gateway units compositions, as they deal relatively low damage but shoot fast (zealots have 2 attacks for example). This lets me worry more about the actual "power units" so to say, the units that aren't gateway units. And as long as i can counter them properly (colossus/air = vikings, mass immortals = more Thor heavy) I feel comfortable in the big fight.
Key Points

  • Use raven to deny scouting observer
  • You want about 6-8 vikings,1 raven
  • You want about 4-6 helions
  • You want about 6-8 Thors and only attack when you have +2 amor
  • Use your 35mm cannon on the collosi
  • Put a couple of point defense drones down during the fight
  • Bring a couple of scv's after the fight 
  • You want to attack around 160-170 supply
  • Very unique build
Here is a replay of Thorzain using this strategy perfectly against oGs.MC

Weaknesses: Gateway all in zealot cheese, and a very aggressive 4 warpgate rush, carriers(because thors will automatically target air first when you want them to target ground)

Neat fact: You want to use your mules on close patches because of the limited time the mule has

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