Thursday, April 28, 2011

Terran Versus Protoss

iEchoic's 1/1/2 Helion drop into Banshees
10 supply
12 rax
>> make marines nonstop
>> oc when rax finishes
13 refinery

(pop counts skipped from here out to account for scouts dying, other oddities, etc)
>> Make 3 hellions
Supply Depot
>> Make medivac when starport complete
>> medivac should pop out about at the same time that you have 3 hellions - go drop
>> As soon as medivac completes, build tech lab on starport and factory
>> Swap second starport onto factory's tech lab
>> Use excess minerals to expand and add more barracks
>> Push at 2-4 banshees

Until this point, you should be following the build order strictly. The 1/1/2 with hellion drop is stable and you do not need to branch out until you have two tech-labbed starports.

You are now in what I call the 'triple threat' position. It is called 'triple threat' because it sounds kick-ass and makes the strategy sound like it's prepared for anything. But s
eriously, this is where your 2port allows you to be versatile.

Key Points

  • Bring an scv onto the dropship just incase you need to repair
  • You want 3 barracks with tech lab and marauders after your harass
  • You want to start building you expansion at the 7 minute mark
  • You want to start building your 2 other barracks after your cc to transition into marauders
  • When you have accumulated 7-10 marauders, push out with 5-6 banshees marauders maybe some medivacs and maybe a raven if your feeling pro
  • Target immortals with your banshees and sentries
  • Keep harassing with helions and banshees until you have 7-10 marauders
  • You may need to build a bunker while your harassing
  • You should be non stop producing marines incase he gets counter pheonix's
  • You should have close to 10+ marines by the time you push out
  • Make vikings if he counters with voidrays
  • Here are some replays of how it should be done

  • and

Strengths: -3 Hellion drop is incredibly powerful. Basically an insta-win if your opponent is not defending, and even if prepared, you will get at least 4-5 probes if you micro well. The hellion drop is incredibly strong even if you know it's coming ahead of time.
- Hellion drop gives great scouting info and allows you to adapt with your 2starports
- 1/1/2 play allows you to account for all protoss openings
- Standard opening prevents protoss from gathering any info about build before initial scout is forced out by marine
- Very efficient use of minerals - rax and factory produce mineral-only units with no addons non-stop.
- Timings are optimized to spend all minerals at all points throughout the build order - high efficiency

Weaknesses: Early high templar feedback, voidrays if you dont transition properly

neat fact: Apm doesn’t mean anything, I play with an average of 35-40 apm in the beginning up to 100-150 when it gets micro intensive

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