Saturday, April 9, 2011

Terran Versus Protoss

Marauder Push
10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery
14 barrack
14 orbital
tech lab
tech lab
Concussive Shell
You should be at his base at 5:30 ingame time with 3 marauders
5:45 at the latest - Due to the fact warp gate finishes at 5:30 - 6:00 ingame, its an ideal time to attack during 5:00- 6:00 because of this twilight zone for the protoss

Then push out when you have 3 marauders together, rally point the 2 barracks to the marauder and attack, if done correctly, you should have 3 marauders at his base by 5:30, takes 4 marauder shots to kill a probe

Transition to a 3rd barrack reactor, ghost acadamy and ghosts 
or you could transition to seige tanks and dropships after this push and double prong drops

Key points to this strategy

  • Marauders are priority on your mineral list after you have 3 marauders out, only make scvs if you have enough to keep the marauder count pumping out
  • Be aware of an early sentry, so you might want to send a scv in to check so you dont get trapped on the ramp
  • You could bring 0 scvs, 2 scvs, or all ur scvs for an all in, but I do this strategy in 3800 masters with only marauders and no scvs and it still works
  • Focus down the stalkers first, then sentries, then zealots ( shooting and moving away from zealot taking as least damage as possible )
  • When there are only zealots left, shoot and run ( kite )
  • If there is only 1 pylon supporting his gateways focus down pylon after you've killed all his units
  • If there are 2 pylons, focus probes (takes 4 hits to kill a probe from a marauder)
  • Make sure your rally point is still on your marauder (incase it dies)
  • You should be extra careful when his warp gate is out, his research finishes at 5:45 - 6:15
  • ^ cannot stress that enough you must be warry on when to get out and if its worth it to stay in.
Why is this strategy good?
Because the power of the marauder beats any gateway unit of the protoss. Combined with kiting (running and shooting) and focusing down the range. Marauders reign supreme. As well as the timing of this push is vital to your success. By the time you get to his base, he should have 2 units at max and in a position where he is transitioning into warp gates allowing a good amount of time before he can pump out units. Capitalize that time between!

Weaknesses: Early stargate void rays, when they can get them out by 6:30-7:00, you have no anti air. As well as early 2-3 sentries which is very rare.

Jinro's Mech Build
10 depot
12 rax
13 refinery
15 orbital
16 depo
18 refinery
20 factory
22 bunker
24 depo
hellion @ factory completion
tech lab on factory @ hellion completion
reactor after 5th marine
28 starport
siege tank @ tech lab completion
tech lab on starport @ completion
raven when techlab complete (note its important to respond here, 4 gate, make a banshee, 3 gate VR, make a viking, etc)
continue depots/scvs/tanks/banshee production and cut marine production as you feel appropriate to get your 2nd command center

It is important to push out early from 12:00 to 14:00 at very max to catch your opponent in an awkward timing

Key points to this strategy
  • Push out at at stated time
  • Raven has enough energy for 2 point defense drones
  • bring scv's and auto repair
  • Don't let opponent scout you with observer, abuse your raven
  • 1 or 2 banshees can do A LOT more then you think they do, focusing collossus and shielded sentries
  • This is a pretty safe build and very effective.
  • At all costs, keep your raven alive
  • Have your thors in front of your marines and behind your helions
Why is this strategy good?
The variety of units combined with point defense drones will undoubtedly overpower your opponent. Having all aspects of dps covered, this strategy will tear apart your opponent. there should be no way of your opponent breaching through your defenses with repairs and a bunker, he would only be wasting his minerals. I've attatched a replay of Adebis, using this strategy very effectively. Good luck!

Weaknesses: Heavy immortal build with phoenix's picking up your tanks and killing your ravens and banshees

(here is my own variation of my own mech build i had to think of on the spot because I was behind):

4 barrack mmm ghost/viking safety reaction safety build
10 supply
12 bararcks
13 refinery
13 scouting scv
15 orbital
16 tech lab
16 2nd barracks
17 supply
18 reaper
19 concussive
20 reactor
21 2nd refinery
- after reaper, get a marauder
30 throw down double barracks
33 stim
44 2nd tech lab
- dont get anything for 4th barracks, just pump out marines

Move out to attack at the 9 minute mark
Make an expansion right when you move out

Optional Transitions: You should usually get ghosts, medivacs and vikings if he gets collassus, but it is still viable to get seige tanks and a couple of thors to aid your mm ball

Key points to this strategy
  • When you get Mobious, it takes 80 ingame seconds to complete, so time it when its at halfway done(40 seconds in) start getting a ghost because ghosts take 40 seconds to build
  • Get vikings if he gets collossus
  • Emp zealots and sentries and mainly templars and collassus for your vikings
  • Stay with your 4 barracks unless your really getting a bit too much minerals
  • Keep attacking and adding pressure because of your 4 barracks attacks are stronger than their gateway units
  • Dont forget upgrades
  • Emp is overpowered, so use it
  • REPLAY!!!:
Why is this strategy good?
The timing of the four barracks can overcome most protoss players because barrack units are alot stronger than gateway units. It is hard for him to break into your base with your heavy mm ball and expanding while you attack gives you a twilight zone of safety. Having 4 barracks's, you are able to replenish your army quickly.

Weaknesses: Key forcefields, very early collassus's and very good templar control (if you let him tech up that high)

2 barrack into FE into preemptive vikings
10 supply depot
12 barrack
13 refinery
15 orbital
15 barrack
15 tech lab
15 marauder
18 concussive
18 supply
19 reactor
20 marauder
23 supply
25 marauder
27 double marine
- expand at approximately 30 supply
- keep pumping out non stop marines/marauders/scvs 
- Throw down a Factory when you have enough money
- Then a second Refinery right after 
- Drop a double bunker(optional)
- Build orbital and lift off to natural
- Bring 4-6 Scvs to natural
- Research stim
- Throw down a starport approximately 50 supply
- With Reactor on factor ready to switch
- Engineering bay
- Then slowly drop down another 2 barracks with tech lab
- Your first 2 units from starport should be medivacs at approximately 10:00 ingame time and after than go with vikings depending on how many he has out and you want about a 4:1 ratio of viking to collosi capping at - 12 vikings maxed
- Float your factory to scout (optional)
- Drop down another 2 barracks with tech lab once your base is full saturated and another engineering bay with an armory for upgrades

Key points to this strategy
Why is this strategy good?
Early economy advantage, while having a good amount of units still out on the field. The damage of double prong drops is really overpowered against protoss. Vikings mobility and able to 1 shot collosi if you have enough is a must. Most protoss players get collosi so its a good bet to preemptively get vikings, but you should scout nevertheless.

Weaknesses: Early all-in rush and Psi storm

Coming Soon!


  1. I tried this and the protoss always forcefields the ramp until they get enough units with warpgate at which point the rush is over. Am I missing a part of this strat?

  2. he should only have 1 sentry out by 5:30 which u should be at or near his base. wait for the forcefield to go down and if he still does not have warp gates up, then continue on to the ramp and focus fire and micro

    if he has a force u dont think u can take on, retreat to your base follow up with 1 barracks another refinery
    for a total of 2 tech 1 reactor barracks get a ghost acadamy get mobious and pump out 2 ghosts and emp shields + energy and it should be easy win. This is my strategy and i play with currently and i win most of my tvp games.

    but yea be at his base by 530 with 3 marauders ingame time if he has 1 sentry wait for ff to go down and proceed with caution, if he pulls probe. RUN as far as u can if he chases. u want him to stall his mining time and kill probes as well and yea

  3. Hey Dizon, i have a problem fighting protoss.... They alwaus have alot of zealots. Should all my units focus the zealots? Cause they tear apart my Bio ball, but then if i focus zealots the Stalkers tear aparty my army. :S

  4. This is a common problem for most terran players against protoss. There a very simple solution.

    YOU MUST STUTTER step. when your fighting a death ball with a bio ball, you must attack, move back, attack, move back and stim until zealots are all dead. This is because the sentries wont be able to forcefield and trap you AND not all the stalkers will be able to attack you due to your kiting. All your units will attack zealots while the zealots are not doing any damage and only 1 or 2 stalkers will get shots off, once all the zealots are dead u want to stutter step INTO his stalker/sentry ball and it should be game. This makes a HUGEEE difference if you dont understand it ask me what the problem is but this is KEY to being a good player. Knowing how to stutter step.

  5. Thanks man :) ill try this out ^^

  6. Hi again :) i got this Stutter pretty good now. But i notice that i still tend to lose, not because of Fail play atm but unit count, I tend to lose the first 15 minutes, the first 10 i have upp to 3 racks, and have expanded 2x tech lab and 1 reactor on he racks. But anyway when i defeat hes "Army" he just pops upp with another 10-15 new stalkers and Zealots :S IF u have time please help me m8 xD im so confused fighting protoss. I feel they are so OP but i know im going somthing wrong

  7. If u dont have a sufficient enough army to finish off your opponent, just back off and expand. With 1 base and a natural you should have 3 barrack 2 tech 1 reactor, 1 starport reactor. If you have 3rd, drop an additional 2 barracks with tech labs
    and you should be getting upgrades early with 1 engineering bay and once u get ur third 2 engineering bays. Are you doing the build order correctly and constantly keeping ur scv production up?