Saturday, April 9, 2011

Terran Versus Terran

Helion Harass, banshee play
10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery
-when you reach 100 gas, build a factory
15 orbital
19 refinery
- when you reach another 100 gas build another factory
tech lab when done
research blue flame
no addon on second factory
when you reach 4 helions move out and harass scvs
double star port when you can afford it
produce banshees if you know hes not going banshees
build 1 or 2 vikings if u see a banshee in production of opponent
research cloak and banshee/helion harass till win

Key points to this strategy
  • constantly be pumping out scvs
  • constantly be pumping out marines until your factories are done
  • if they wall off, build an early dropship
  • only use your helions to kill scvs and marines, anyhting else.. run
  • if you do enough damage, your banshee play will finish them off
  • you may want to wall off your entrance
  • call down mules at opponents base if you need to repair banshees
  • you should have a couple of marines 5-8 by the time you have 4 helions, you may send them out as well for a really aggressive push
Transition(optional) after you have you've successfully bombarded most of his scv's you can transition into 3 more barracks and finish him with bio ball considering his economy is so into the slump

Why this strategy is good?
Because of helions mobility and effectiveness against terran. Helions part in the game play is to destroy all of your opponents scv and marines. So they would focus on rebuilding their economy and focusing on building units to kill your helions while your banshees are air which will finish your opponent off.

Weaknesses: Preemptive early viking build, triple barracks marauder/marine bio with combat shield because it takes 3 banshee hits to kill a combat shielded marine

"MarineKingPrime" Marine build Strategy made by Marine king prime the legend
10 supply
12 barrack
13 refinery
-1 marine tech lab
15 orbital
16 supply
-keep pumping out scvs 1 by 1 until you have accumulated 300 minerals
then drop 2 barracks
double reactor
upgrade stim/combat when you have enough money with your 1 tech lab
nonstop pump marines scvs and dont supply block yourself
build an engineering bay and upgrade 1 attack
by the time you finished your combat shield you should head out and attack

Key points to this strategy 
  • Make sure not to supply block yourself
  • This strategy works best on xel naga towers
  • send a marine to certain spots to watch out for banshees, drops and just to have the complete map vision.
  • send a marine to his expansion
  • by the time your combat shield is finished, you should have stim/combatshield/+1 attack and a bunch of marines and should be an easy win
  • make sure to stim move and attack move and attack
  • this strategy is a very MOBILE and HEAVY VISION control strategy and very very effective. if your attack fails, dont fret
  • make an expansion and dropships
  • and keep the harassment up
Transition(optional) After you have prevented him to expand and you have your expansion fully saturated, you can transition to tanks as well to help with your position

Why this strategy is good?
Because of the mobility of marines. You have control of the whole map and able to attack whenever. Marines are strong in a bunch and it takes a lot to kill a marine ball with stim and combat shield. Only hard counter to this strategy is mass helions or seige tank rushed with seige mode. Utilize your mobility and your vision and move out at key times like right when you've completed your combat shield or when hes unseiged and moving out.

Weaknesses: Mass blue helions, Tank turtle and expansion.


  1. Nice site, i will be checking back from time to time. Any chance you can add more replays for some of these builds?

  2. yea, im actually working on a tvt 1 base push into expansion atm, sorry i've just been really busy this week