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Basic 1 - Build order and (how to play the game)

Basic Beginning Build and Basic mechanics of the game (how to play the game)
Numbers mean Supply count e.g. 10 supply means 10 supply depot count then build supply depot

Basic Mechanics of how to play the game properly (MUST READ)

  • Always keep pumping out scv's, even though you are full saturated(enough scvs for 1 base), keep
  • pumping out so you can transfer your scv's to your expansion once your expansion is up
  • Hotkeys 1 and 2 are for units 3 and 4 for unit production facilities(barrack, factory and 6 for starport) and 5 is command center
  • You can change your hotkeys so that ` is a hotkey and shift-1 is a hotkey and stuff like that
  • Siege Tanks by default attack their closest available target. Abuse this to anticipate and spread your units accordingly - or hug your enemy so they also take damage from the splash.
  • It is an ideal situation to be in a concave against any race, so spread out
  • Kiting( also known as moving and attacking is a must for any bio ball)
  • Keep building scv's and units without looking at your base with hotkeys at all times even during battles
  • Always know what your opponent is doing by scouting his base and keeping up to date
  • Dont wait too long to expand
  • Against zerg, dont let the zerg player get a full surround on you, either kite or move up against a wall where only half your army is surrounded
  • Against protoss, dont let your army get split up by forcefield, either kite or get a HUGEEEE concave
  • In a 6pool, zerglings pop at ~2.25. Add 8 seconds for 7pool, 16 seconds for 8pool.
  •  An easy way to check if you have enough workers at a base is to select all workers on minerals. If you see 2 rows (16) that is optimal saturation, 3 rows (24) is maximum saturation(do not include gas workers)
  • The fastest DT rushes hit between ~6:10-7:00

Against all Races
Standard opener Leading to many options Also Called the 1-1-1 Build
10 supply
send scv building from supply to scout
12 barracks
13 refinery
15 orbital command
16 supply
When you get 100 gas get a Factory
After Factory, get a 2nd refinery
When factory is completed, begin to get a starport

During All this, you should be constantly pumping out scv's and marines.
This is called the 1-1-1 build and it is the tree stump that can branch out to many other strategies.

What terran units counter
Collosi -> vikings/banshees
Immortals/templars -> Ghosts's EMP
Stalkers -> marauders/marines/tanks
Zealots -> marauder/marines/tanks
Void rays -> Marines/vikings
Sentries -> Marine/marauders/tanks/banshees

Ultralisks -> Marauder + kite
BroodLords -> Vikings
Zerglings/Banelings -> Seige tanks (and marine marauder ball if marauders tank banelings)
Roaches -> Marauders/tanks
Hydralisks -> Tanks/marines/marauders
Infestors -> anything that can kill the infestor
Mutalisks -> Marines/thors

Marauders -> marine/marauder
Marines -> marine/marauder/helions
tanks -> marauder
Any terran air -> vikings
helions -> marauders/tanks
thors -> marauder/marine

Here is a good website to stream live players
Look for the players that have many viewers. That way you can tell they are high masters

I am a high level masters player giving people tutorials and how to play the game and get from bronze to masters, not made for high level competitive play, by following these guidelines

Ill also be in the channel TerranSC on starcraft 2 chat if you need some ingame advice

This is for Rudiger: how to stop a terran bunker 2 barrack rush as zerg:

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